These Shelters are not classed as being permanently fixed structures, so therefore do not require Council Approval or Permits.

They Have a Steel Mesh Structure and Secured To the Ground with Star Pickets, Covered with Heavy Duty PVC Tarpaulin, and Completely Water and Weather Resistant.

Built Tough to withstand Strong Winds and the Domed Shape Stops build up of Fallen Debris, Leaves and Water, Strong PVC provides UV Protection and Strong enough to deflect fallen Debris.

Suitable for sheltering, Livestock, Small Machinery, Quad Bikes, Trailers, Firewood, Hay or other Livestock Feeds

Available in 2.4m Length, 3.4m Length and 6m Length, Height and Width is Variable, Generally Between 1.8m-1.9m in Height and 2.7m-3m in Width. Can build to Stand Taller.

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Cut to Length, Delivered, Stacked $100 per cubic meter.Deliveries to Mt Hotham Extra.($150 before Snow Season/$180 During Snow Season)

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"These guys are serious with their Vacuum Set-ups, Horse Manure and Leaves/Debris are no match for the equipment they have designed and built.
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