Mowing and Leaf Vacuuming Specialists

Cut to Length, Delivered, Stacked $100 per cubic metre .Deliveries to Mt Hotham Extra. ($150 before Snow Season/$180 During Snow Season)

Need Firewood?....We can help with that too!

Maybe even the Largest Volume per minute Debris Vac Setups around for large lawn, dirt, gravel or hard surface area.

We are now also trying to reduce noise levels on our machines for those early morning starts that may annoy the neighbourhood.

The mulch produced by these machines is ready to use around garden beds and or trees or will decompose into top soil in minimal time compared to other leaf vac arrangements.

We are still working on other Vac systems to assist with large volume collection for roadways and other systems for roofs and gutters, these systems should be available for near Future Usage.

With our Modifications to all Specialized Decks on our Mowing and Vacuum options there is minimal to none sandblasting and spread of debris or dust when collecting on loose rough surfaces, and there is minimal or none scalping of uneven ground with our skid and deck wheel and floating mount design.

For Heavier or Wet Areas That require extra attention we now have several Manual Vacuum options which make hard work easy, fast and affordable.

Heavier or wet leaf/debris area may require some extra attention, still a whole lot quicker than blowing windrows, constantly manual handling and the old rake and barrow.

Our Team Can Also Assist You With:

  • grading  your driveway
  • drilling post holes
  • light to medium excavation
  • light to medium duty scrub clearing
  • cleaning spoon drains
  • trenching
  • cleaning your dam
  • heavy duty slashing
  • landscape gardening and design
  • and so much more....
  • Lawn Mowing and Maintenance (Vac and Catcher Systems)
  • All types of Mowing/Slashing
  • Leaf Vacuum up to Commercial Levels
  • Horse Poo Vacuum
  • Property Maintenance
  • Hardwaste/Greenwaste and Domestic Rubbish Removal
  • Custom Trailers, 4x4, Car and Motorcycle Applications
  • Welding and Fabrication

We cover most areas of property maintenance and handyman services.

Our Services